Services to Principle
We have at many places, replaced our competitors’ products
We collect information about competitors & local suppliers to serve our principals in a better way and replace competitor products by consistently illuminating them about our quality & services
Regularly update our Principals about new business and upcoming projects in the sector
We offer two purchase options to our customers i.e. in local  and foreign currency
Keep stock of our principals fast moving products in India to meet urgent requirement of Indian customers
We will order and make due/advance payment from our office in New Jersey
We will also take care of all documentation, including export documentation & letter of credit and we make payment to our principals from New Jersey–
When manufacturers / principals deal with us, their job is to ship the consignment to New Jersey or co-ordinate with us to pick up the consignment from their facility. They receive their payment before that, and it becomes Victoria’s responsibility to ship the goods to India, handle letter of credit, payment terms, etc…