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Spares of all American /European capital equipments of any age from Original Manufacturers
Factory Inspection and Audit (FIA)
Product Capabilities – provide inspection service to ensure the buyer that representation made by the seller regarding factory size, production capabilities, and quality are each true and accurate. Additionally background information on supplier/factory can be provided when available.  Such information would include reputation in the industry, previous and current financial status, actual ownership of record etc.
Production Run Inspection (PRI)
for example product quality, excessive defective, or incorrectly produced items (wrong specification) can be easily and quickly Certainly offer the greatest level of control to the buyers all problems uncovered during actual production run inspection, dealt with prior to the seller incurring the production expense. Addressing these problems prior to the seller incurring the production expense, make it much more likely the seller will allocate its time and rectify any problems.
Post Production Inspection (PPI)
Take place after production and either at the production facility itself. If the post production inspection is performed at the original production facility, then problem shipments can be more easily managed.
With client input, we create a customized inspection program practice – we encourage the customer to provide a detailed list of quality inspection on which the inspector is to focus as well as digital photos.
Inspector inspects product, records data, takes digital photos – inspector records inspection data and takes digital photos to documents the inspection process.
Inspection report generated and sent to you via e-mail in 12-16 hours practice – inspection report with digital photos sent by e-mail to client for review.